August 15, 2012

Mother Of Twins

Now is the time when things settle down,
that one has a chance to look around.
To take a deep breath, smile and say
today really wasn't such a bad day.
That nobody got hurt, nobody got sick,
and Mom's coffee table got just one new nick.
Which is truly amazing considering the fact,
God gave you two babies, you can't send one back.
Yes, you have twins, that you can't ignore, 
as you scrape the dried oatmeal off the floor. 
The pleasures are many, the troubles are few, 
remember you're a Mom doubly blessed with two. 
No matter how bad things really seem, 
one can take sour milk and turn it to cream. 

For the day will come when they're no longer small,
and you'll say to yourself it wasn't any trouble at all.
So remember when you have trouble with your little pair,
that they were a gift from God, so precious and rare.
Some people will loose, but you'll share the wins,
because you were made the Mother of Twins. 
-Author Unknown 

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