August 09, 2012

Equipment list to take Hannah on a walk

A list of everything needed to bring Hannah(& Hailey) on a trip out of the house/hospital:

- Ventilator (weight 15lbs)
- Suction machine (weight 9.6lbs)
- Emergency bag
(will go over everything in this bag later)

- Feeding pump
(Comes in a black backpack a little smaller then the emergency bag)
- Oxygen monitor
(Different from one in the pic and bigger)

-Lunch bag with freezer packs for feeds and medications
- Diaper bag 

All the equitment was estimated to weigh around 25lbs!


Today I went and looked at how they are going to modify the graco stroller. I realized there is just too much stuff to put on that stroller and to much that needs to be changed. It would be way bigger of a hassle taking Hannah out of the house that I probably wouldn't unless I absoulty had to.

A feeding pump B suction machine C ventilator D Emergency bag E Lunch bag F oxygen monitor.. And I would carry the diaper bag

Or if I got a bob it would look something like this..

A Ventilator B Feeding pump C Suction machine D Emergency bag E Lunch bag F Oxygen monitor.. carrying the diaper bag

Not only does it look nicer.. It would be easier to push and WAY better access for everything!

Hospital day 482

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  1. Hi Bonnie, have you looked at the Baby Jogger City Select? It's not cheap (around the same price as a BOB I think) but you can change each seat to face front or back... so you could have Hannah face you so you could keep a closer eye on her. You could put Hailey facing out and Hannah facing in so they could look at each other. I know lots of twin mums who like it because it's narrower than a side-by-side stroller and has a big basket too. Just a suggestion :)