August 26, 2012

Day 498

  Hannah has extremely bad oral aversion caused by everything she has went through in the past year. The only thing that she was allowing into her mouth was her fingers and a soother.. not just any soother the hospital brand soother. Now she will only let her hands in! I brought her soother over to jeneece place with us a few days ago for got it here for 2 days and now she wont put it in her mouth and will puke if it even touches her lips.... Only up sides to this is that Hailey will be much easier to wean off and her teeth would form bad from sucking a soother for to long. Still sucks, I didn't know she could develope oral aversion that fast and at children's if I accidently put her soother in Hailey's stroller and took it home the hospital would just get her another one. 
  On a side note, I took both girls to the park yesterday all by my self. It wasn't so hard... Im sure at home it will be a little more stress full with Hannah with us 247 but I dont see what people were making such a big deal about. The stroller is HORRIABLE with hills... up and down ... down sucks because you have to hold on so tight because its a thousand pounds.. and up hill sucks for the obvious reason of it weighs 10 thousand pounds up hill. 

Hospital day 498

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