August 22, 2012

"da da"

The balloon is suppose to be inside of her
Hannah can make normal baby sounds!! Her first normal sound " da da", so proud of her!! She is coming off the ventilator twice a day but for 3 hours! Making so much progress. The official home date is September 4th!
 Yesterday I went into the picu to find that Hannah's gj tube had fallen out. The hospital's theory to why it fell out (since there is a balloon inflated inside her to hold it in) is that "someone" must have tried to put a med in the balloon port an deflated it. The hospital didn't have a spare one! What hospital doesn't have a spare gjtube(that aren't uncommon).. So instead of waiting a week for a new one to come in they took out the tube put in a catheter, cleaned it and put it back in today.

Looked into some more strollers today, Queen Alexandria is going to fund for my stroller! I'm thinking a bumble and bumble might be better then a BOB now. The under storage is double and it has 4 wheels instead of 3 which makes it a little bit more narrow because the front wheel on the bob is out farther. Both weigh the same and have the same max weight.

Hospital day 494

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