August 10, 2012

Babies having babies

There's been a few things that I have been shoving to the back of my mind trying not to let it bother me for the last few days. The first thing is the hospital social worker. The staff at the hospital had a meeting about a discharge plan and then later that after noon the social worker comes up to me and wants to talk. She asks me if I think I can handle Hannah at home and how much stress it will be and if I have enough support.. seems like she's being nice. She informs me of some more options that I have (which I don't want to get into on here), while still being really nice and friendly. Then she throws out a comment " Because your still a baby your self" . Go eff yourself.  When is it ever the right time to tell a mother that they are still a freaking baby?  Because the last time I check babies couldn't have babies. She also commented on how im "21" actually im 22 and in less then 3 months ill be 23, thanks. 
The second thing is.. As I said before I applied for help fill a dream to help fund a van... They called me and said they don't fund vans (just there policy) and that If I got a doctor to email them saying I'm not asking for a van I need assistance they would get a check out to me right away... That was 2 weeks ago. 
I asked the doctor on that week practically every day if he had emailed them and he kept saying oh I'll go do that now.. Then he said I just want to make sure I don't screw it up for you... So I'm like ok this guys week is almost over but the girl doctor who originally signed/filled out the forms will understand and do it. So I find/borrow the money buy the van Iv been looking at for weeks because it I perfect... Low KM, cheap(ish), stow and go... perfect for what I need and reliable for the amount of times were going to have to come back to Victoria. I only got $1500 for my car because it was previously and ICBC write off. Not looking  for all the money back any little bit helps. 
So then Yesterday after the doctor told me the day before that yup she would email help fill a dream no problem. She tells me well I emailed them asking what all the fund for that way you don't waste my 1 use with them. Tells me that I will have to talk to talk it over with the social worker who just recently told me I was still a baby.  So we talk and she says how it takes like 5 charity's to fund for a van and the child needs to be in a wheel chair... ok I didn't re-ask for funding for a van Im asking for assistance with one. Then she tells me that all the charity's work together and that you can only receive $3000 a month so I wouldn't qualify.. um that's funny.. My stay at Jeneece place is under $1000 and im not receiving $2000 a month on top of my stay.

I'm done with people that "want to help but really just mean they don't think I am capable of handing my daughter. 

Hospital day 483
1 year 3 months 26 days

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