July 11, 2012


The transferee went well, I left 30 minutes before Hannah did so I could catch the 11 ferry. I was hoping that she wouldn't be there yet when I go there. Sadley she was and with the wrong last name! For some reason she is under my last name(Harris), so I need to bring her birth certificate in again and get that changed.

The hospitals alright, the Pedis ICU is VERY small 5 beds and Hannah's space would seem tiny if there was someone in the bed next to her. The place I'm staying  Jeneece place is so nice! Brand new everything massive kids play room with every toy a kid could want, massive theatre room, big kitchen and dinning room. The only thing I don't like is that all your allowed in your room is water, that sucks but the rest is AMAZING. It's right next to the hospital 5 minute walk.
Leaving BC Children's Hospital

Arrived at Victoria General 
 Hannah talking over her Trach and Vent!

dinner on the deck

testing out the toys at jeneece place
Hospital day 453

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