July 13, 2012

trail off ventilator?

I love this house but it sucks that EVERYONE that is here is here because they just had a preemie baby. I learned to avoid talking to people in the NICU because its depressing listen to people talk about there babies being born at 29 weeks and doing so well and going home soon after being there a couple months. You cant avoid people here, even if I tried you share the same kitchen and cant eat in your room. Not that people aren't nice just it sucks! and on top of the fact my child has been here 15 months there all coupled tonight. I haven't met very many single mom's(like 2) since I've been here never mind younger single mom's.
On a bright note! They are turning Hannah's pressures down and they want to start trailing her off the ventilator!!! They said they wanted to call children's and talk to the doctor there, I bagged then to call the NICU doctor because its not fair for the TCU doctor to say she knows Hannah. Hannah was in the TCU for  2 and a half months, she was in the NICU for a year. Plus the TCU doctor started saying Hannah was going to go home in 20 days then that she would have to stay in the hospital for a long long time for her lungs to grow to then saying that she could go home asoon as home is ready for her. They didn't understand that Hannah was just recovering from the Trach surgery when she was transferred to the TCU or why exactly she got a Trach just what the notes said. The TCU doctors said her lungs were so bad that she needed to stay and grow new lungs but funny thing is she only has one damaged lung. Her vocal cords could have caused all the problem which would be fixed now that she got the Trach and only NICU would know that because they saw Hannah breathing on her own(with a little support) for 6 months.

Hospital day 455
1 year 2 months 29 days

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