July 17, 2012

New glasses fitting

We fitted Hannah for her new glasses today! These were the two glasses out of 5 or 6 that best fit her and looked the best. The one on the left is pretty close to the same shape as her old ones, they are purple instead of chrome pink. The ones on the right are pink, they had cute flowers on the side and are a better fit for baby's. I had to pick the left ones, the right just remind me of Teen Mom 2 glasses (the fully plastic ones with the elastic going around the head). Turns out the purple ones are cheaper then the pink ones!
Last time I bought Hannah's glasses income assistance medical plan paid for all but $35! Which was AMAZING! Today I found out that they will only fund you for 1 pair of glasses a year and Hannah got hers in January. Thankfully she was approved for the At Home Program and they will fund $150 per 12 months. Hannah's glasses I think she said was $170. So I should only have to pay back $20 this time. I am SO thankful to live in the country and time we live in. Honestly at the moment spending $170 on glasses would leave me with enough money to buy Hailey a can of formula and get a bulk box of KD and a maxed credit card. 

So as I have recently realized and come to terms with I NEED a van. I drive a 05 Pontiac pursuit. I LOVE it perfect size for me and the girls IF Hannah was healthy. It's great on gas and hasn't given me any troubles. I got it as an ICBC write off that had been fixed so it is pretty much not worth anything (atleast not in a dealership). 
I need a Van to fit Hannah's ventilator, suction machine, humidifier(if we are going somewhere for longer then a day) and a double stroller. The vehicle also has to be big enough to fit two car seats and have someone riding in the back with Hannah incase she needs a suction, her ventilator pops off or if her trach gets blocked and an need emergency trach change. A van is also what fits her needs because in an emergency trach change situation and we were in a small car where would she be laying for the change? On the road/highway. A small car would also make it harder to easily grab all the equipment needed in an emergency, even for just a suction it would be hard to do. I'm applying for Help Fill A Dream Foundation in hopes for some funding for a van or just a little bit of support. I was also told to ask dealerships if they would help me out with our situation because some dealerships have helped people before. 
What I'm looking for in a van is Stow and go seating, it's a must. The "truck" of the van has so much extra room and easy for me to pull up and down the seats depending on who's with us and where we are going. I also want to be able to easy remove the easys because I would like to have as much extra floor room as I can so if Hannah needs to be thrown out of her car seat on to the floor for a trach change she can.

Jeneece place found my blog! They asked if they could post it on facebook and asked if I would be interested in being interviewed on the news for their 6month celebration! 

Hospital day 459
1 year 3 months 2 days

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