July 14, 2012

NEC scaring ?

More good news today! 
They changed Hannah's settings again! They trailed her over night on less breaths that they give her plus extra's that she breaths over what they give. She did great she does breath on her own when she is asleep, so today they changed the settings to only giving her a breath when she breaths! One step closer to coming off the ventilator for periods of time. They just want to wait a few more days to make sure they don't stress her lungs out to much. But her heart is happier now that she is taking her own breaths it use to sit around 130 now it is 110ish. 
sorry for the bad picture
 hopefully this helps make it easier to understand.
Also spoke to the hospitals surgeon, we discussed Hannah's feeding/Gtube/Puking. She had a few ideas; When Hannah had NEC more of the bowel was effected then just what had died and was removed making it cause her to not be able to take food in as quickly from the stomach into the bowel. Another was, when they reconnected the bowel they made the intestine smaller from all the scare tissue. If the intestine had a smaller part it would make the milk back up into the stomach causing her to puke and/or aspirate. Her last idea was that the balloon in the G-J tube is to big and it is causing a plug like effect in her stomach. 

If part of the bowel was effected by NEC or there was scare tissue it might mean that Hannah can go back to normal gtube feeding and might be able to try bottle feeding again. The reason bottle feeding was stopped is because she caught Pneumonia after coming back from Nanaimo hospital the second time so they assumed she was aspirating. They gave her a GJ tube because they couldn't figure out why Hannah wasn't getting better so they thought maybe she wasn't completely puking up milk but puking fair enough that it went into her lungs(/lets try anything). Even if Hannah couldn't eat or drink bottles a G tube instead of a GJ tube would mean she could come off her feeding pump after every feed instead of only coming off of it for a maximum of 4 hours a day. Down side is she would probably need yet another surgery with another nice tummy scar :(


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