July 15, 2012

Day 457

Hannah is still going fabulous! She did well on taking her own breaths while she was sleeping last night. Her ventilator is on pressures of 16 on 7 (I haven't learned what exactly that means yet) but once she gets to 15 on 7 they will feel comfortable coming off the ventilator for periods of time! The nurse said that 15 on 7 is what the pressures a normal person would breath in which sounds great but what if she can't breath like a normal person with out it..
They did an X-ray of her lungs and a quick on of her bowel last night. Her left lung looked a little over inflated on the bottom and almost collapsed looking at the top which is apparently how her old xrays look like. I don't know what that means but Physio tomorrow is going to massage her back and the doctors will explain better tomorrow. The X-ray they took of her bowel wasn't very good because she was sitting up but they did see a spot where the bowel was really big and then really small after which fits their theory that she has scaring from NEC.
They also changed the amout of water that goes in the GJ tube balloon from 5ml 3ml and the amount of fluid coming out of her gtube drain has went down ALOT. It looks like the balloon was causing a plug effect.

It's soo nice that things are changing and new idea's are being made!

Hospital day 457

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