July 04, 2012

I miss the NICU team right now. The transfer  both times to Nanaimo hospital were SO MUCH EASIER no stress no worries. The TCU team was not informed me of pretty much anything, they haven't worked with me for anything either. I didn't find out we were being trasnferred until I asked an RT, it should have been told to me by the doctor or my nurse. I should have been told the minute they made that decision. I have been asking since Hannah has been transferred into the TCU to get her eyes check should she can get a new pair of glasses. That has yet to happen and I have asked countless times. I brought my double graco stroller(from my home) into be modified when they told me that it wasn't good enough and Y.A.N.A was going to fund me for a stroller. Well now after I have brought the stroller home they aren't going to sign the paper so that I can get funding for the stroller because now all of a sudden the graco is good enough. I don't have enough care space to pack around 2 strollers and everything in the Y.A.N.A apartment. The thing that really gets to me right now I cant even be there this week to help sort out the equipment and the last minute things because hailey is sick and they don't even want to change the discharge day. This isn't at all benefiting me this is causing much unneeded stress. Thank you!

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