July 03, 2012

Hand foot and mouth disease

Of course with our luck Hailey would catch Hand, foot and mouth disease the week before Hannah gets transferred to Victoria. Hailey started being really cranky on Friday at the hospital and I ended up taking her home because she felt hot. I thought that she was being cranky because she is getting two new teeth but on Saturday night I noticed a few red bumps on her feet and then on Sunday I noticed blisters in her mouth. Poor thing, No wounder she is so cranky I would  be to if i was covered in blisters, the doctor said that they were in her mouth and throat to. He told me that Hailey shouldn't go to the hospital for 5 or so days (untill it clears up). I can't bring Hailey to the sitters either becuase her kids aren't infected and I wouldn't want to get them sick, so instead we packed up half of the apartment and came to the island. It really sucks that I wont be there to tie up loose ends this week.

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