July 05, 2012

Bay shore

What a relief! Just talked to the lady at  bay shore in charge of the amount of nursing hours and she said she might be able to get me 100 hours a week IF I plan to go back to work. I thought I wouldn't be able to work! I told her that I did want to go back to work but not for 6 months which would be the end of flue season. Giving me enough good bonding time with Hannah.
That would be 66 hours a week of night time nursing and 34 hours of nursing during the day a week. It still has to get approved m the ministry for the extra 34 hours but if they deny it i'll ask for it to be reapplied closer to when I want to go back to work. 
I talked to the other lady at bay shore in charge of hiring the nurses, she has 5 nurses hired that will be trained by august 1st! She's looking to hire a few more but looks like Hannah could possibly come home in august!!!!

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