July 30, 2012

Age Discrimination.

I hate age discrimination.
You don't know me or what I am capable of, 22 is just numbers. I shouldn't be treated like a child because you happen to be double my age. If I were a 28-30 year old women do you think I would be CONSTANTLY being asked if I can "handle" Hannah and Hailey together alone. I highly doubt it.
I have raised a healthy and might I add happy baby girl while still going to the hospital day in and day out for the last 15 months. Not only did I go to the hospital I also dealt with a horrible break up with many social workers and court dates (criminal and family) and I did all of this with a smile on my face, not letting depression get to me.
Don't you dare question what I am capable of.

Hospital day 471

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  1. You go girl! I believe in you!