June 11, 2012

Ventilation class


Today's class was about how the ventilator works.  The video above shows how a normal person breathes. When you breath in the diaphragm pulls down and you suck in air and when you relax you breath out. With a ventilator it is being forced into you instead of sucked into you which makes it harder to keep you properly ventilated and is why it is damaging to the lungs.
Hannah tells the machine when she wants to take a breath by some kind of sensor and that is when it gives her a breath. Right now she is getting about 35 breaths a minute on the machine and is breathing over the machine when she is awake. Recently she has stopped breathing/breathing over the machine when she is sleeping. She might take about 10 breaths a minute which isn't enough. They are a little considered about why she isn't breathing when she's a sleep and will look into it later. Could be a neurological thing or maybe she could just be lazy. It's not a reason we wouldn't go home just something we will need to figure out in the future.

I found this video when I was trying to find a video for how we breathe. It kind of explains how the heart and lungs work together which is why she has had more troubles. 

This is video is about being intubated which is pretty much 
the same as a trach

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