June 13, 2012

Trach scar

I got a chance to meet a little boy probably 4-5 who has had his trach out for a year. He still had a small hole he could talk normal but he would randomly cover the hole. His mother said its partly because the trach he had before he had to cover to talk and because to have louder voice he needs to cover the hole.
So of course I was curious of how long it would take for the hole to fully close there isn't an answer. Online it says several weeks to months but then I found a group discussion where many parents say that it was been 14+ months and it is still not fully closed. I tried to Google what the scars looked like and these were the closest I could find.

The hole was a little smaller then this and there was indents where the
 arrows point probably from trach ties.

The center of  neck was pushed in like in this photo and the little
 bone like things were sticking out with lines in the middle like
 the above picture

I'm really glade I got to see how it looks like once the trach is out!

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