June 18, 2012

Trach change & bronchoscope

Bronchoscope machine, the scoop its self is a
small black camera 
Today my mom and I got to watch our first trach change. They changed Hannah's trach from a cuffed neonatal to an uncuffed pediatric. The pediatric is a little bit longer and wider in the throat so they had to do a bronchoscope after to make sure it wasn't to big for her. It was so neat getting to watching the bronchoscope. Because Hannah is trached it made it easier to quickly scoop her, all they did I add an extension to the ventilator and slip it in.
I'm also really excited that Hannah is doing well enough that she can tolerate an uncuffed trach! That means she can squeek and make small amounts of sounds. I swear she "screamed" at me. It wasn't very loud but it was sure noticeable.

Neonatal Trach on left,  Pediatric on right 

Now Hailey and I are off the the island for a week full of appointments; teeth cleaning, legal aid, social worker, brides maids dress altering, tooth specialist. Really stressed about legal aid because I was approved over 3 months ago I have to get re-approved and they only approve legal aid if there are charges or restraining orders. Which there were/are so I'm worried I won't get re-approved. But no matter what I plan to have things rolling again by the end of the week legal aid or not :)

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