June 15, 2012

Thankful I didnt..

A thought just randomly popped into my head.

When I first got to Vancouver the girls father(DB) and I were talking about having me go to the Edmonton hospital. It would have been 8 hours from where him and I were living at that time instead of 14. Plus big factor is he wanted me to go there so that I wouldn't be close to the island where my family and friends live.
If it wasn't for my first social worker in the hospital looking threw my medical chart and realizing that me and DB must of not been together long since my family Dr. had my address as a different address as his she would have never realized we weren't common law and that I was approved for funding. Because she realized that she had reasons to talk to me more and picked up on little signs about our relationship. I actually owe alot to her. She forced me to bring home a book to read on abuse relationships where it explains all the different kinds, It really opened my eyes and I chose not to get transferred because I started realizing to the extent of how bad it was. Soo thankful! I would be 18 hours away from my family and friends completely alone in a city with Hailey. Wouldn't ever get to leave and go back to normal life away from the hospital for a weekend. The chances of a baby getting transferred to a hospital out of the province your in isn't very likely.

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