June 04, 2012

New Ventilator

old vent on left new one on right
                                                                                    Hannah can sit on her own now at a year of age finally! She tumbles a little but she doesn't need to much help. I'm so proud of her! Its the first real thing she has been able to do besides hold her head up.                                                                 Her ventilator was changed to the one that she will go home on. I was soo excited I though this meant that we would get to go home soon but apparently the plan is to get us trained and comfortable and then send up to Victoria for a few months and wait for Hannah's lungs to " grow ". When you say it it doesn't sound like that long BUT we have been waiting for Hannah's lungs to grow now for 13 months and they just wrecked them even more in february. So I'm not expecting to come home any time soon. It sucks that she can be progressing so much on the out side and what she can do but her little lungs take so much longer.
old vent tubing
new vent tubing 

Hannah's New Home

Hospital day 416
1 year 1 month 20 days

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