June 06, 2012

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I'v taken it upon my self to find a new lawyer in Victoria. My current lawyer said he had to get both medical summary's for both of the girls before he wanted to transferee the file to a different lawyer. I talked to him a month or so ago and he said he was still waiting on Hailey's summary(the easier of the two so it should have been in first). Then a week or two later I had to make a peradiation appointment for Hailey so I asked the receptionist about the summary and how much longer she though it would take. She stressed that it had been sent a LONG time ago, which means my lawyer has had it for awhile and hasn't passed my file along or even updated me what so ever. So I called him and he said yes he had the summary and he had emailed a lawyer and they hadn't gotten back to him. Well that was a few weeks ago so I emailed him on the weekend asking if he had got a hold of the lawyer yet. It's wednesday and he hasn't replied to me.
I've never had a lawyer to compair to a legal aid lawyer, but I think its true what they say about legal aid lawyers.
The first time I went to meet with him was in November, The first court date was end of January(which the father DB didn't show up for), the second was very beginning of February. The second was where we decided to have court in Vic and that we needed the medical summary's 30 days before the next court hearing. 4 months just seems like along time to me. DB(there father) applied for custody 8 months ago, I know court is suppose to take time but this is extreme for the lack of things that have been accomplished. I would really like the next court date to be in Augest(if not sooner).

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