June 05, 2012

June 5th 2012

Today I got to change Hannah's trach ties and suction her a few times. Wasn't to bad got a little freaked out cleaning the trach because I could see the hole in the throat for the first time. Had such a nice day though! Beth(my family preservation worker) came for a nice long visit today and I got to meet with a family from the same community as me, who's 4 year old daughter also has a trach and gtube.
After seeing the kids come in and out of the PICU and talking to that family today Iv realized Hannah will most likely have her a trach and gtube till she 5-8 at least!!! I'm not sure which I prefer not knowing what to expect or knowing that this going to be pretty much a life time thing.
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Hospital day 417
1 year 1 month 21 days

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