June 28, 2012

June 28th

Hannah's collection of Trach belts made by OT @ BC Children's hospital.
(the purple looks blue in the pics)
Yesterday I did my first trach change. It went well :) I was scared before I started but once it was happening it was fine. It was more scary watching my mom do it because it felt like so much more time was passing then really was.
Everything els about yesterday was pretty stressful. The Dr told me that my double stroller (tandem graco) wasn't going to work for all Hannah's medical equipment said the wheels weren't strong enough so I'd need to get a jogger($600-800!). Then the dr was giving me shit for not having a medical bag for Hannah yet which I only just found out about! It's suppose to be farly big but not as big as a regular size back pack/duffle bag a little smaller. It's suppose to have lots of compartments so you can organize everything good for easy access. It's harder then it sounds to find a bag like that! Then she told me that she couldn't fill out my EI forms only my family doctor can do that, which last time he had no idea how to fill out. And ontop of all that she tells me we will be getting transferred to Vic July 9!!!!! I was so stressed and grumpy but felt like I could cry at any second. Thankfully Jodi Kevin and Kash came for a visit cheered me up!!
Today the social worker told me Y.A.N.A is going to fund me for a stroller! There so amazing have helped
me WAY to much!

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