June 14, 2012

June 14th

Hannah watching Toopy and Binoo

flat screen tv cable and xbox connect..
not bad for a hospital

Hannah just got her 3rd tooth and Hailey just got her 6th! Hailey has two more coming and I tried getting my finger in Hannah's mouth to feel for some but she wouldn't let me. So far they have both got bottem left first then bottem right then the next one on the left. Then Hailey got her top right top left and then the next/2nd top right. Now she I working the next/2nd top left and bottem next/2nd right. So it'll be interesting to see if Hannah keeps getting them I'm the same order!

I never ended up getting the laxatives for Hailey that the pediatrician Prescribed. We had to get her drinking a cup and a half of water which I though sounded easy but turned out not to be. Hailey would only take a few sips out of her sippy cup and get bored.
I make Haileys bottle from the can and tap water every time she needs one. Works a lot better for going to the hospital don't need a freezer pack and hot water to warm it up. 4 scoops of formula for a full 8oz bottle(10ish if u fill right to the top). So I started making them 3, 2, 2 and a half scoops full and she stopped crying when she had gas and wouldn't cry nearly as bad when she needed to poo. Hailey has also started drinking out of her sippy cup more the last few days probably because is so warm in our Appartment building. She's doing so much better I think it's fixing it's self.

Hannah's neighbour today is the little girl that's from the same town as us. She's 4 and a half, had a gj tube and trach to. It's nice seeing older kids with trachs and being able to talk to their parents. Most of the people I know who's child has a trach are still babies so you can't ask things like do they eat or talk, did you go back to work, how was working if you worked.
The little girls has a talking computer(an IPad) that was given to her by a speech therapist. Since she's still young she cant spell out words so her parents have programmed buttons that tell storeys or say words. She had signed to her mom about how the baby next to me has a button on her belly like me, is naked like me, has a trach like me. So her mom programmed into the IPad "The baby next to me has ... ".
It's so nice that technology has come so far! I couldn't image what it would feel like not to voice what I want and be in a room full of people that don't know how to sign or don't know me. I'm sure it makes kids more attached to their parents/car givers.

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