June 08, 2012

IDP - Infant development program

First off.. don't forget to vote for Hailey! She's third right now lets keep her top 10! 

Over the past few days I was able to change Hannahs trach ties three times and suction her a bunch. I feel alot better about it, still not comfortable doing it suctioning completely on my own yet. Suctioning her Trach doesn't make me crindge anymore, now its just when I clean around the trach and see the incision. 
Hannah has 3 teeth now!! So far she has gotten them in the same order as Hailey. She finally reaches for her feet, can sit pretty well and is always getting into the tubes and cords around her. Hannah is defiantly acting like a healthier baby now.

Not to much changes with Hailey. I gave her a her "second hair cut" last night. It was getting really long on the bottom so I just tapered the back and left the top avoiding the horrible baby mullet look.
Met with Infant development yesterday. There assessment was of her was:
  • pulling to stand , cruises left and right
  • up on tip toes to reach something and then goes flat footed
  • lovely sounds - da, mama, babbles
  • pulls the string to bring puppy closer
  • taking objects out of containers
  • just starting to brefly hold 2 items/typically drops the 1st item
  • turns pages of a book, loves looking in mirror
  • climing over toys, legs, ect & will get on all fours, squats to pick toys up when standing
  • fingure pincher grasps on both left and right hand
  • rolling ball back and forther with adult
Things to work on for next time
  1. offer 2nd toy when Hailey is holding 
  2. model banging toys together
  3. drop a toy into a container and encourage Hailey to copy. once she does this encourage her to drop 2 toys in
  4. when your out  for dinner practice "coloring" with Hailey

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