June 26, 2012

Girls play time

The girls played so well together today! It's the first time I'v seen them both interacted that well. Usually Hannah is full of smiles watching Hailey but kind of laying/sitting like a little lump, while Hailey isn't smiling and is destructive. Crawling away getting into hospital stuff or pulling all of the many cords Hannah has. Today Hannah sat in front of the mirror sit and stand toy and Hailey stood on the right side of the toy playing.
Hailey even was trying to play a "game" that me and her play. She or I will grab something the other one has then give it back and then take it back and so on. She thinks its hilarious. Hailey tried playing that with Hannah today but Hannah would refuses to let go get a little mad face but then be so excited when Hailey would give her back the toy. It was the cutest thing I've ever seen them do. I think the mean rolls are changing though, Hannah also would get mad and steal all the soother.
So happy my little Hannah is feeling normal <3

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