June 12, 2012

...Ahh I can breathe again..

After sending an email to my current lawyer asking the status of the transfer and letting him(we will call him JN so it doesn't get confusing) know which Victoria lawyer I wanted, I found out that JN wasn't even at that point and had made no progress. So I called the lawyers office in Victoria and asked if it was possible to have a consult like thing over the phone.
It was so nice she(we will call her DD) instantly started taking notes and asking my the full story. DD insured me there was no way we would be moving anywhere and when I explained the situation and said he is only doing this to be a dick DD said that's putting it lightly. She also asked for JN's number and said she would call him and call me back.
It was so nice to actually feel like someone cared. DD isn't even getting paid right now my legal aid file is still with JN and hasn't been transferred. She could have easily said that she would call me when the file gets transferred. 

But back to the girls :)

In October Hailey went for an MRI because when she was first born her head ultra sound showed lots of white matter. The MRI was suppose to be done at newborn/corrected age which would have been June 27th, and because it had not been done on time some of the white matter wouldn't show on the MRI so it was most likely worse then what they saw.

Not Hailey's.
The picture above is not a picture from Hailey's scan, I wish I would have thought to take a picture. The picture above is very similar to Hailey's though. Before Dr. Chau showed me the image he told me that a few dots of white on the brain would mean practically nothing, it wouldn't effect her at all. There wasn't dots on the photo there was long lines on either side meaning it was medium to severe and that she would most likely have cerebral palsy.
Thankfully after he showed me the image he examined Hailey, played with her watched the way she acted. He said at that time she was not showing any signs of cerebral palsy or that the white matter was effecting her. Today he also said he saw no signs that she had cerebral palsy but said that she might be a slow walker. Which I am totally fine with! He also commented that her feet were a little stiff but that wasn't new to me infant development tells me that every time we see them. They can't fully diagnose cerebral palsy until 18months or longer so we aren't fully in the clear yet.

"  Quick definition: White matter disease is associated with the development of infants and their brain. It often is hard to detect at first because symptoms may not appear until a head injury occurs. There are different forms of white matter disease with different symptoms. The treatment for the disease is supportive, as there is no known cure.

Signs: The symptoms of the disease often appear in early childhood and include episodes of fever, muscle spasms and involuntary contractions. This means muscles can be stiff and movement awkward or limited in range. There is lethargy and indifference to stimuli. Death may result after a few years. This disease can cause problems with vision and seizures. Often, there is fever and coma.

Motor Problems:

  • White matter brain disease patients may also have difficulty with motor responses and movement. Types of motor problems include muscle weakness and wasting, paralysis---either mild, partial or total, stiffness, twitching and other involuntary jerking motions, involuntary leg movements, loss of coordination, restricted movement of the limbs, slow movement of the limbs, dragging of the limbs and problems with posture.

  • Sensory Problems:
    Sensory problems can also occur when there is damage to the white matter. These include numbness, strange sensations such as tingling or vibrations, loss of sensation, experiencing pain without a cause and losing the awareness of limb location.
    Cognitive Problems:
    Finally, white matter brain disease can interfere with cognitive functions. Examples of cognitive problems as a result of white matter brain disease are short-term and long-term memory problems, slow word recall, speech impairment, depression, mood swings, anxiety and other mood disorders. Other cognitive problems include sleep disorders, fatigue and impairments to speech comprehensive and production.   "

    This is why I HATE people comparing their child to mine.

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