June 22, 2012

72 weeks, 433 days, 10 400 hours

I found a day counter on google today. It starts counting for the minute Hannah was born (which is 2 minutes before Hailey). It is counting the time of Hannah's hospitalization but because she has not ever got to leave the hospital it also is counting the number of days since the girls were born. After Hannah leaves the hospital the next time(even though I pray never for a next time) I will put it back up and count the next stay.

494 Days since I was sent to Vancouver for close watching
433 Days since the girls were born.
83 Days Hailey spent hospitalized , 350 Days she has been home
14 Months, 72 Weeks, 433 Long days, 10,400 Hours, 624,011 Minutes Hannah has been hospitalized for

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