May 28, 2012

Trach ties

So today's class was all about trach ties;how to make then and how to put them on. Trach ties need to be changed every day with another person. One person has to hold on the the trach it's self the hole time to make sure it doesn't fall out while the other cleans the neck and ties the new ties.

I also asked while I was in the class about how I was told they wouldn't train in August. Just the home nursing lady is off in August so all the nurses need to be trained before that. That was a relief to hear!


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  1. Bonnie, What is the vent tube holder in the last picture? Is that something the Hospital made or is that something that can be purchased somewhere? We have a 15 Month old in the PICU with a trach and vent and He is always diconnecting the vent. If it's not commercially available are there any pics of it? - our boy.