May 22, 2012

Trach Pics

This is what Hannah's Trach looks like on the outside

Hannah's Trach is this style on the inside. The inflatable bubble helps prevent a leak(air coming back out of the hole instead of going down into her lungs)

Once Hannah is off of the ventilator her Trach will have an attachment like this one. It is a type of humidifier so her throat doesn't dry out.

These are pictures of what it looks like when you suction a Trach. There are numbers on the tube you put into the Trach to get her secretions. On the left it is the proper number your suppose to insert to and on the right is if you put to much which could irritate or damage the tissues.

G-Tube. This is what Hannah use to have and will eventually get again when she starts to eat. It has a balloon on the end just like the Trach witch makes it so it doesn't fall out.

G J Tube, This is what Hannah has now

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