May 02, 2012

Suctioning a Trach

I got to cuddle Hannah for the first time since she got her Trach. She wasn't very cuddly and they had to suction her a few times while I held her, witch creeps me out.
To suction her they have to disconnect her from the ventilator shove a small tube in to the Trach and suction out all the mucus and stuff we would normally off up. It's a tad gross not going to lie. Right now she needs to be suctioned ever 15 mins while shes awake and playing but can go longer while she is sleeping. This is one of the thing I have to get comfortable doing before she comes home.

She's moving out of the NICU and into the ICU on Monday :) one step closer to home.

How to make a cranky Hailey happy,
give her a sippy cup :)

Hospital day 383
1 year 17 days

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