May 17, 2012

Music Physio

Alright I LOVE the PICU. Way better then the NICU and 100000000x better for Hannah!!

I went to metro town for most of my babysitting hours got my hair cut and bought some cloths for Hannah. I only got to see her for an hour today, got a quick cuddle in and got to watch music physio. It's pretty neat. Hannah seems to be doing way better with her Trach, a completely different baby. To bad her lungs weren't acting like that to. They seem to give her alot more attention and be more available for playing with her. The NICU's physio would only sit her up in bed nothing like the PICU.

I booked an appointment with Hailey's paediatrician she still sounds like she has a cold and its lasted FOREVER. She also has been in pain when she poo's its to solid for regular baby poo's. She looks like she could almost burst a blood vessel when she is trying to poo. I had her on regular similac then similac sensitive then super store brand soy and the just the regular superstore brand. Nothing changed it, and I boil my water. So I'm stumped, I just bought good start sensitive so we will see how that goes in the mean time.

I just bought Hailey a couple of these. She loved them to was coming back like a little birdy for more(which she never does). They will be perfect for the hospital. The lid screws back on, no spoon or bib necessary.

Hospital day 380
1 year 1 month 2 days