May 13, 2012

Mothers day weekend

What a weekend!!
I spent most of my time cleaning and organizing my place. I feel like I've been back enough times it sound be all done, but every time I go back theres even more stuff to do. I drove my mom to the ferry on Friday and on the way out of town there was a hushed accident delaying us. We just barley made it to the ferry terminal in time for my mom to walk on and after I started driving down the high way I released I had the Appartment keys! So I had to call her and tell her to get off the ferry. To kill the 2 hour wait we went to the mall witch is a 30mon drive and ran into another accident!
Then when I was suppose to come back yesterday(Saturday) I drove to nananimo to find out the 10:15pm doesn't sail on Saturday and I had to drive back home(an hour away) and take a ferry today(witch I'm on right now)
Anyways, HAPPY MOTHERS DAY :) Going to go see hannah banana in the PICU and go out for lunch with my Ma.

Update on a 3rd accident this weekend!
Just getting off the ferry on the highway it was a biker that crashed into the cement there wasn't any paramedics there yet he was just laying on the ground. I instantly started crying because that's how my dad died 2 years ago. As I drove farther I'd cry harder every time a fire truck or ambulance drove by. So sad:(

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