May 25, 2012

Home nursing

This morning I woke up with a runny nose, no voice and a wicked cough. My sickness is defiantly getting worse. I decided that my mom hailey and I will go back to Vancouver Sunday night Hailey will go to the sitters Monday do me and my mom can take the course at the hospital and then we will come back home. What's the point in being in Vancouver if I'm only there for Hannah and I'm sick and can't see her?
I made an appointment for infant development here intown and a dentist appointment on Tuesday and I just met with the home nursing people.
They approved me for 65 hours a week but I might not get that many hours depending on how many nurses are available. The hours will most likely be night time with a few hours during the day so I can get stuff done. They won't be responsible for looking after Hailey or doing any clean up at my place.
My social worker approved me for 4 hours a week for a house cleaner and suggested I find someone like a nany and a baby sitter for just Hailey(which the baby sitter would have to have no kids of her own and no other kids to prevent hailey from catching somthing and giving it to Hannah)
I thought that September was a reasonable time for Hannah's discharge but the organizer of the home nursing informed me that the trainer is going in vacation all of August so if we aren't trained in July we won't be home till september!!

Hospital day 406

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