May 23, 2012

Hailey's pediatrician app

Took Hailey to the pediatrician office she goes to in Vancouver. It wasn't her usual doctor instead it was one that also works in the NICU and was hailey's doctor when she was there. So it worked out great.
For Hailey's cough she said to come back in two weeks if it hasn't gone away and she would give us puffers. She said she would probably need them every time she gets sick for the next year or so. It didn't sound like it was a preemie related thing sounded that it was common in small babies and that they usual grow out of it or it could be the start of Asthma.
For her poo's she prescribed " PEG 3350 " to soften her stools. She told us to wait a week and start to get her to drink a few cups of water a day or the softener will only make it worse. I am suppose to give it to her for 1-2 months until her bowel is normal again and she poo's every day.
The doctor also informed me that tap water wouldn't make her stole hard, that you boil water to get the bacteria out of the water. Which is not what the pediatrician where we live told me! She also said that you don't need to boil Vancouver water!!!!! This hole time I though her poo was bad because I was rinsing her bottles with non-boiled water.
On another note, Hannah and Hailey weigh the same amount for the first time in their life!! Hannah is still short though and Hailey hasn't gained weight since January - February

Hospital day 401
1 year 1 month 8 days 

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