May 15, 2012

Green eyes?

The Happy Elevator at Children's

I'v though of my plan for getting ride of the soother. For Hailey I'm going to start giving her a regular soother with out a stuffed animal attached. Then in like 4 months(maybe sooner) I'm going to try and just give it to her at night or for naps and then in 6 months she should never be using it. By 18 months I would really like to have her soother-less. Hannah I cant plan because she is still sick so its her comfort plus she doesn't have as many teeth as Hailey yet so I'm sure that helps with teething.

 I attempted to get a picture of Hannah's eye because I swear they are green!!! Sometime they look a hazily green. If there really anything besides brown ill be so shocked! my eyes are brown and so are their dads.

1st time being given a bowl

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