May 19, 2012

Goose egg

Today was fairly uneventful (Hailey still has a cough and today a runny nose), so we couldn't go see Hannah. 
I was in the kitchen decorating a cake today and I looked back to check on Hailey and she was on top of the coffee table for the first time headed a cross it for the lap top. By the time I noticed I couldn't get there in time and she landed on her face hitting her head on the chair's legs that the laptop was on. She gave her self a nice goose egg and a little bit of a bleeding nose.
Lately I'v been putting Hailey to bed around 8:30-9 and by 11:30 she will cry and want to sleep on me. Not be side me on me. If I try to roll her off she notices instantly so I haven't been getting the greatest sleeps. She wont let me put her in the crib and even if I try letting her cry her self to sleep I swear she would go all night if I let her.. Which I cant because im in an apartment and dont. BUT tonight the first night in a while she woke up because I was talking loud on the phone around 11, I cuddled her for the rest of the conversation and then put her to bed with out a peep. So Happy.

5 mins after she fell

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