May 24, 2012

The girls rooms

Someone(DB) once said to me that if I ever left him I would be nothing but trailer park trash for the rest of my life. Well I finally finished setting up the girls room and the living room and I think I did pretty good for us.

Hannah's room is the purple room and Hailey's is the pink. They both are pooka dot butterfly themed.

Hannah's Room

Hailey's Room

Hannah's second bedroom since she wont actually be able to sleep in hers


  1. LOVE their rooms! So cute!! What made you want to give them their own separate rooms? Just curious because I immediately thought of having my twin boys share a room and then give them their own rooms when they are older.

  2. That's what Iv always wanted but sadly it's not possiable. They have been separated for a year with Hannah still being in the hospital plus with her trache and all the other equitment it would keep hailey awake. Also Hannah needs some one with her 24/7 either me or a nurse so one room just doesn't work:(

  3. Oh okay, well I think it's cute that they both have their own space regardless of the circumstances... They have their own decorations and everything - it's very cute! It's like it gives them a sense of individuality which is very important. :)