April 20, 2012

Trach surgery done.

The doctor just called me. When the phone rang I though maybe I had forgot to give consent to something because it was the time she was suppose to be going into the OR.
The surgery its self went well no complications the only thing is they found brown blood on one of the tools that was on the tray with all the tools they used on Hannah. The doctor said it happened 92 times at children's in 2011! 92 times they didn't properly clean the tools THAT THEY KNOW OF. He said its 1 in a million that she would catch anything from this, but said infection control would talk to me and I asked to have tests done just to make sure.

Baby sitter will be here in an hour and then I will get to see Hannah.
<3 <3

Hospital day 369
1 year 4 days

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