April 25, 2012

Pressure sores

That face explains Hannahs day to a T. Since Hannah has been paralysed for the last 5 days with the bubble wrap they choose to put around her neck to hold the Trach in place she got really BAD pressure sores. So bad that they took a picture of it and asked to use it for teaching purposes. The only reason they check what was wrong is because they could smell something bad getting worse.

It's so much worse then what I got in pictures.. Theres a red line all the way along thats just about to bleed.. purple blister spots everywhere on the back of her neck and head. Theres another large spot like the one in the above picture but an open wound not purple. This isnt the first time shes had pressure blisters from the hospital.. Below is pressure blisters from the CPap.. I didn't take close ups of how bad the blisters were because this was the first time she was on high flow but the blisters are all around her nose and under her nose where the tube sits and a few around her eye brow area. Poor girl has the worst luck.

Hospital day 375

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  1. OH BOOO! But besides that she looks wonderful. Her face gives me hope that Isaac's will one day pop out too.
    XOXO you guys:)