April 15, 2012


Hannah got her first tooth!!! The same one Hailey's first was.. Hailey also got her forth tooth the same day.. her first top tooth :).
Hannahs blood gas was 72 on Friday not great so there going to do one tomorrow(her birthday).

The amazing Jessica Rae

We had the photo shoot yesterday, it went pretty good. Hannah had just woke up from a nap when the photographer got there she didn't cry while she was there, but was sooo tired after she left that she was soooo cranky. So sad the photographer couldn't have been there for longer then 30 mins and she was already so tired. She didn't even do much a few cuddles and sat in her high chair for 5 maybe 10 minutes. I cant wait for her Treacheostomy now.. not that I want her to have it but it will be nice to have a baby that has energy again.
The cup cakes went well Hailey mostly just ate the frosting and Hannah didn't touch hers like I had though she wouldn't. I tried to encourage her to, I reached her hand out and touched the cupcake.

I just went and saw Steph and her family at the air port <3 I miss being around friends, but lately I have had a decent amount of visitors.

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