April 19, 2012

Last day on Bipap

Todays the last day Hannah will be on Bipap!!! She goes into the or at 10:30 tomorrow to get her Treachostomy!! It's all happening so fast, but I'm glade. I've come to terms with the Trach now and im glade shes getting the mask off her face so hopefully her face can pop back out. My family preservation worker got me a last minute babysitter tomorrow from 12-4(thank god!). Hannah should be out around 12:30, sucks I'll miss her going in but its two hour surgery and Hailey's still sick.
I didn't want to hear the risks of the surgery but the one the doctor did tell me was that the lung might pop and have to have a tube draining the fulid.. I asked if that ment the lungs would be more damaged, he said they wouldn't be. 

Hospital day 369
1 year 3 days

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