April 16, 2012

Girls First Birthday

Happy Birthday

The girls first birthday went well for being at a hospital. Lots of presents and cake.

Of course Hannah&Hailey's "dad" didn't send them anything, pay me any child support or even email to wish them a happy birthday or ask for a photo, Not shocking. To all my friends that read this I would like to let everyone know I'd greatly appreciate it if you didn't bring him up.. ever. The only reasons I'd want him to be brought up in a conversation from here on out is if it is about a current court situation or if he starts contacting me or the hospital trying to be apart of there life(witch will never ever happen). Id really appreciate not hearing comments when things happens. Please no random comments like; He's missing out, Karmas going to get him, He's going to hell ect. I don't want to hear if you see him, I don't want to hear anything unless it directly effects me like. I'd like to move on with my life and if I havn't brought him up it's because he choose to remain a dead beat that can't even send and email. 
I'll still be writing updates on Dads situation/Court but just that.

On another note.. 

Hannahs blood gas was 76 again... still not good at all. She is getting a Bronchoscope done tomorrow at 8:30am. Which is basicly shoving a camera all the way down her air way to her lungs to see how damaged they are. The doctor that would be doing the procedure told me that on the camera is also a ventilator.. but it is very possible that after the scope she will need to be intubated because of the Anastasia and.... because shes already on the tip of a crash.
Its funny and extremely irritating that every doctor in the same or even in different departments never tell you the same thing. Hannahs health is always told in a completely different storey then the last person told. The ENT(ear nose and throat) doctor said today that if the scope came back fine that she would not need a treache with is NOT what the NICU doctors are saying. The NICU doctor today also said Hannah will most likly just be extremely sick the first cold and flue season after being out of the hospital when the last doctor told me she was going to be sick for a long long time and might not ever get better. One NICU doctor also had once told me that Hannah would only need a trach with no ventilator witch is most defiantly not true. No one says the same thing ever.

Hospital day 366
1 year

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