April 18, 2012

face indents

The red lines are where Hannahs face is pushed in
Hailey went to the baby sitters today so I was able to go in and see Hannah. Me and the nurse weighed Hannah and took off her mask to weigh her... its the first time in a while that iv seen her face. It was really indented from the bipap. I heard about peoples faces being pushed in for the bipap after a long time but not after 3 months. It was really bad.. but maybe that's why her face looks so square and chubby with the mask on because all the fat is pushed out from under the mask. I'm glade shes getting a treach so her face wont get more damaged.

Hannahs blood gas last night was 61 and this morning it was 71. There going to do another gas tomorrow morning and might have to intubate her again.

Hannah's new digital picture frame 

Hospital day 368
1 year 2 days

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