April 10, 2012

Easter weekend and Birthday planning

Back from seeing my family for Easter. It was really nice, before the girls I never really enjoyed seeing my family I would have rather been out with my friends.
I picked up the few things I wanted for the photo shot, I took my brother cloths shopping to find out he had never shopped for his own jeans before!! I asked him how much was to much to spend on jeans.. He said he didn't know I asked 60-80 he said to much. I managed to find two pairs that were each 30 that weren't that bad!!! Apparently it is possible to shop cheap?
I think I'll bake 3 cup cakes and decorate them the same just incase one gets recked on the drive to the hospital, I could defiantly see that happening. If it doesn't get recked then I have one to bring in on there actual birthday :)

Hannah updates her gas was 74 this time.. Last Thursday it was 62. 80 is extremely bad 75 is pushing it.
It seems to be going up and down but not getting better just floating between 60-70s. As usual the doctors can't stick to a plan so they didn't meet today and are planning to meet tomorrow at 3. Not getting my hopes to high I'm sure they won't meet again tomorrow.

Hospital day 361

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