April 05, 2012

"dads" custody application

Well I finally got the application the girls dad(DB) filed for custody in October a day after Hannah's heart surgery, that he never served to me. Funny you can be with someone for over a year and they don't know you birthday... Apparently I'm 30, he wrote December 12, 1981. The only thing right is the day not the month and off by 8 years. But close! I'm surprised he actually knew the girls birthday.. DB applied for joint custody and joint guardian ship.. And asked for access being "depending on the custody agreement"..... He wants them so bad beside the boxes you TICK that say custody and guardian ship he ticked and wrote "joint" above, he also want to make us move back up north to get out of paying more child support.

I have heard from a friend that DB's mom is saying she is going to try to get custody and let DB's wife raise them. Not at all surprised, I know she will eventually take me to court because she thinks she's "almighty" and her sons are perfect people

I will keep his first and last name out of my blog as well as the girls last name and any other family members who may come up. From now on the twins dad will be referred to as "DB" :).

On a side note 11 days till the girls turn 1!

Hospital day 356

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