April 17, 2012


Hannah had her Bronchoscope done this morning. I didn't get to go in because Hailey has a runny nose and was super cranky which I though was from the sickness but apparently she's getting her second top tooth. I bought her some cold medication (the only kind that they make for babies) so hopefully her nose clears up fast.
Hannah was intubated after/during the procedure but excavated her self by after noon so she is back on Bipap.. for now. The nurse said that the left lung had  bronchomalacia and the left vocal cord has vocal cord paralysis.. I didn't get to talk to a doctor because I wasn't able to go in, But one lung is fine! that's better then they thought.

They're now looking to book surgery within 10 days!

My theory is:

Her left lung has to work twice as hard, but the right is still better then they thought it was. She might be able to breath better on just bipap if it was just her lungs.. I think the treach will help lots! Her lung will most likely get better with time.. I don't know if her vocal cord will get better or not but she might not always need the treach with a ventilator, maybe just a treach :). The type of vocal cord paralysis is Unilateral paralysis.
I don't know why all of a sudden these problem are worse.. maybe they pushed her to far and caused the damage to her lungs or maybe when she got pneumonia and they intubated her they damaged her vocal cord more.

Info sites: Bronchomalacia , Vocal cord paralysis

Hospital day 367
1 year 1 day

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