April 30, 2012

April 30th

Hannah's doing AMAZING, its so nice to have an active baby again.

They are planning to move Hannah out of the NICU and into the PICU/ICU at the end of the week or beginning of next week. They also told me for the first time EVER that with Hannah being Trached I cant sleep, shower or pee with out her. I will be getting 8 hours of nursing at home for the night so I can sleep. They will try and get me more(about 12hrs) because I am a single mom. She also told me that it is common for the nurses to call in sick and there is no one to replace them. The only other person I have that will get trained to look after Hannah is my mom.

My biggest concern right now is court.
There dad filed up north for custody before I filled so the file was up north, even though he never served me or tried to serve me with court papers. Me and my lawyer applied for the file to be transferred to where I live but to do so you have to have a court date where he applied. The first court date their "father" didn't show up to, the second one the judge didn't agree it was fair that we have the hearing because the dad didn't know the medical history of the girls. We instead had a phone conference with their dad, his lawyer, an "off duty" judge, my lawyer and me. The agreements at the end of the conference were that; the file be moved to Victoria(3hrs away from where we live), the dad have a full medical report of both girls 30 days before the next court date and a DNA test be done by the fathers request.
At the time of the phone conference Hannah was in Nanaimo about to go home on low flow so Victoria sounded like a do able agreement. My lawyer was blown away with the way the judges up north had handled the case so we weren't even sure the file would get transferred to where I live. To me at that time with Hannah's state it seemed like a good plan, court would be close, wouldn't have to continue battling for where court would be,we could start on custody and support faster.
 Funny thing is the next morning Hannah was sent back to Vancouver hospital.

Now that Hannah is Trached  it's alot more stress. If my mom can't get the day off I would have to take her .. not be able to sleep, go to court with her(if you can even do that) and then drive home. I'm asking my lawyer if its possible to apply for another transfer. I don't no if they can do that now that the file has already been moved once.

On a side note

The doctor also gave me a heart attack because she said that Hannah could go home in a month.. I think that's a bit of an exaggeration.. since she JUST got her treach and my mom and I dont know how to take of it.
Hannah has two teeth now!!

Her glasses still barley fit!

no cords
Hospital day 381
1 year 15 days

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