April 28, 2012

Day 379

They can look so much alike some times.. but sooo different most of the time.

I didn't give blood today. I woke up with a massive head ache that probably would have went away if I drank a coffee, but you cant drink caffeine before giving blood. I called to ask if I could take Tylenol right before the clinic closed.. you are allowed to take some before giving blood, noted. The next weekend my mom's here I'll try again.
Hannah's on antibiotics for the sores on the back of her neck just in case they got infected. They moved her IV from her foot to head head because she moves her legs around to much so it came out. I hope they didn't have to share a part of her hair, she just grew it all back.

One of many  

Hospital day 379
1 year 13 days

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