March 27, 2012

Room air

   They did the vocal cord scope. They said they couldn't see the left vocal cord close but that they weren't considered about it at the moment. They stopped Hannah's steroids on Sunday so now we have to wait and see if she continues to get better off of them. The Lung specialists had told me they would only want to wait a week to see if she improves before putting in a treache but yesterday morning at rounds the doctors hadn't heard that.
      Hannah's on room air stating high! She hasn't been on room air since November when she was briefly off all breathing supports. I asked them to keep her at 1 Liter of oxygen so that she doesn't end up crashing and needing a treach. They agreed with me last night... Lets hope they listened to me when I see her today :(

                                                                             Hospital day 347
                                                                           11 months 12 days

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