April 15, 2011

My pregnancy

18 weeks

       February 10, 2011 was my first ultrasound at week 20 of my pregnancy. I didn't know It was twins and as soon as I found out I was told that one was smaller and that I would need to go to B.C womens hospital the next Monday. The doctor up north told me I would only be in Vancouver for 1-3 days.
       After being seen by the specialists I was informed that Twin A(Hannah) measured 2 weeks smaller then Twin B(Hailey) and that they were girls. The girls were Identical sharing one placenta and each had their own sack(Monochorionic Diamniotic). They did not have twin to twin transfusion. Their egg didn't split 50 50 like most twins it split more like 20 80/40 60, but we didn't no for sure. Since I had my first ultrasound at 20 weeks we didn't know if twin A had always been two week behind or if she had just started growing slower.
They gave me a few options: Terminate the entire pregnancy, Terminate just twin A, Stay in Vancouver for close monitoring or do nothing.
       Terminating just twin A had some risks that went with it; I could lose twin B, Twin B could have brain damage from the procedure and that I was at high risk for pre term labour.
       The risks of just monitoring the twins were; Twin A could die making Twin B die or Twin B could suffer from brain damage if, Twin A could suffer from brain damage from the lack of oxygen and nutrients from the placenta, They both would be born premature making high risks of brain damage, eye problems lung problems(ect.)
24 weeks

       I am the type of person that doesn't like taking risks. I had chose in my mind to terminate A. There seemed to be less risks and I had a 95% chance of B making it. Their father wanted to keep both of them and change my mind. Probably the only good thing he has ever done.
      We had until 23week5days to watch the growth on twin A before we were no longer aloud to terminate. We were lucky that Twin A continued to grow 2 weeks behind until 26weeks measuring her to be 24weeks.

At 27 weeks I was admitted into B.C women's hospital. They were able to hold off on delivery until 29weeks4days. That gave Twin A a survival rate of 40-90%, and Twin B a 95% chance.

Infant Survival

 by gestational week

Up until 21 weeks: 0% survival rate
at 22 weeks: 0-10% survival rate
at 23 weeks: 10-35% survival rate
at 24 weeks: 40-70% survival rate
at 25 weeks: 50-80% survival rate
at 26 weeks: 80-90% survival rate
at 27 weeks: greater than 90% survival rate
at 30 weeks: greater then 95% survival rate
at 34 weeks: greater then 98% survival rate

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